Merry Candle
Merry Candle
Merry Candle

Merry Candle

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Introducing the KEMPA HOME Merry Candle: Infuse Your Holiday Evenings with Cozy Elegance and Captivating Warmth.

At KEMPA HOME, we believe that the holiday season should be filled with warm and inviting moments. Our Merry Candle embodies this sentiment, offering a captivating way to create an enchanting atmosphere during your holiday evenings.

  • Multi-Wick Base in a Wooden Bowl: The Merry Candle provides a warm and inviting winter glow with its multi-wick base, elegantly set in a low wooden bowl. This design reflects our commitment to creating an ambiance that brings loved ones together.
  • Sustainable and Reusable: Once the candle has burned down, you can repurpose the beautifully carved wooden bowl to hold trinkets, collectables, or cherished keepsakes, making it an eco-friendly and lasting addition to your home.
  • Scented with Peppercorn, Leather, and Fir: Infused with notes of peppercorn, leather, and fir, the Merry Candle fills your space with a captivating fragrance that evokes the spirit of the season. The scent adds an extra layer of coziness to your holiday evenings.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality wood, the Merry Candle exemplifies our commitment to using sustainable materials. Its wooden construction reflects both sophistication and a sense of responsibility, ensuring it becomes a cherished part of your holiday traditions.
  • Color: Brown 
  • Size: 10.5” x 10.5” x 2” 
    • Top Opening: 9.5” 

The Merry Candle is designed with you in mind, offering an elegant and timeless way to craft memorable holiday evenings.

This holiday season, let the Merry Candle from KEMPA HOME light up your home. Whether it graces your dining table, mantelpiece, or any other special place, this candle captures the essence of the season, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that beautifully blends tradition with elegance. 


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