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Stoneware Square Baking Dish

Stoneware Square Baking Dish

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Roasting chicken breasts, baking brownies or crafting a delightful pasta dish, it's all a piece of cake with this square stoneware baking dish. The durable stoneware ensures even heat transfer for a perfectly browning, and it also retains the heat to keep your meal warm at the table. It's is a breeze to clean thanks to the enamel coating that doesn't absorb moisture, odour or flavour. The convenient handles on the side provide a secure grip so you can safely lift the baking dish in and out of the oven. This dish is your one-stop-shop since it is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Please allow vessel to cool completely before attempting to clean. Use warm water and a mild cleanser free from bleach or citrus extracts. When cooking with stoneware, always remember to place stoneware on a trivet when removed from the oven.


Size: 11 x 9.75", 2.1 qt.

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